A live chat is one of the many ways of communication provided by some website hosting suppliers as part of their support services. Determined by the provider, the chat can be used for pre-sales, billing and/or tech assistance. This method of communication is faster compared to a support ticket and it will make it much less likely to misunderstand or misspell anything in comparison to a telephone call with a representative. Furthermore, when the issue that you experience needs some time to be reviewed and resolved, you'll be able to do something different meanwhile instead of just waiting, as you'd have to do when you call. Also, you can take advantage of a live chat support service free of charge as long as you have web access even when your web hosting provider is located in another country and they don't have a local phone number that you can call.
Live Chat Support in Shared Website Hosting
In addition to the phone and ticket support, we provide live chat support as well. You will be able to get in touch with us every day, which includes weekends and holidays, and we will give you more details about the Linux shared website hosting that we provide if you are not a customer yet, or about common and billing questions when you already have a user profile. Though for strictly technical issues you will need to open a trouble ticket to the technical support, as such issues will need additional time to be taken care of, you may still contact us through the live chat for some tech info. For instance, we can help you set up an e-mail address in your email client or troubleshoot multiple issues, saving you considerable amount of time. Even if our phone lines are already off for the day, you'll be able to speak to a live person.
Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We have a live chat service that is accessible to all our prospective and present customers. If you are looking for a new website hosting account, you can chat in real time to one of our representatives and receive more info about our semi-dedicated hosting services so that you can select the right plan for your sites. In case you already have an account with us, we'll be able to assist you in a timely manner with general, billing and first-level technicalmatters. Even though in certain cases you'll have to open a support ticket because there're things that can't be resolved on the live chat, we will assist you with numerous basic tasks, like setting up an email account in an email client or forwarding one domain name to another one. Thus, you will benefit from timely assistance and you will save time and effort.