With the Domain Name Manager embedded within the Web Hosting Control Panel, it is possible to take care of your domain names without any difficulties, within the very same location you manage your sites. Plus, our Domain Name Manager is filled with all of the tools you will need in order to successfully handle every aspect of your domains.

Multi– Domain Supervision

All your domain names in a single place

Through the Web hosting Papa Web Hosting Control Panel, you can work on various websites and domains concurrently. The Domain Name Manager allows you to control all the different attributes of your domain names – WHOIS info, name servers, custom DNS records, domain locking, etc. You can even park infinite number of domains, reroute domain names, enable WHOIS Privacy Protection, and so on.

With a click of the mouse, you’ll be able to deal with your websites’ files, databases, email accounts, or check your present web site statistics.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Manage all your DNS records with simply a click

The DNS administration user interface of the Web Hosting Control Panel has a solution to create and revise numerous DNS records for the domain names that you have registered or moved to your website hosting account. Those records include A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. If you have modified a DNS record yet desire to reestablish the initial values, this can be done with just a click of the mouse on the Revert button.

With the DNS Manager, you can also register name servers that can be based upon your domain, for example: dns1.your–domain.com and dns2.your–domain.com. This will help you make your brand more well known to your users!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park as many domains as you wish

With the Web Hosting Control Panel, it is simple to register attractive domain names and then park them on the internet till you populate them with content or resell them to another person at a good price. Any time you park a domain name, you can choose to redirect your domain name to a web theme webpage (’Under Construction’ page if you are planning to make use of it for a website, or a "for sale" web page in case you want to sell the domain name) or to a fully operational site.

You can maintain a domain parked as long as you prefer! Within the Domain Name Manager, you’re able to switch the ’parked’ state of domain and connect it to a site with merely a click of the mouse.

Hepsia File Manager