Refining your sites can be difficult considering that you need to revise your back–end code considerably in order to make your websites function quicker. Nevertheless, you are able to boost your website’s overall performance, while not having to change anything in the background. By means of the Website Accelerators, built–into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can make your websites load and operate quicker than before. This is not going to only reward your clients (everyone enjoys the site they’re going to to load quickly), but also will help your web site rank higher in major search engines.

Dealing with the Website Accelerators is generally effortless. Merely log into the Web Hosting Control Panel and discover how each web accelerator program performs.


RAM–caching as an alternative for data–base queries

If you have a fast paced database–operated website or app, it could have problems loading quick for the customers due to the numerous queries sent to the data base. To aid you clear up the page loading challenge, we’ve enclosed the Memcached system within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Memcached is known as an impressive distributed memory caching platform, which collects data as well as objects in the server’s RAM to prevent the data base from getting asked any time a visitor opens a certain webpage. Using this method, your web site pages will start a lot faster for customers and will definitely raise the chance for them to return.

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RAM–saving instead of HTTP requests

Using the Varnish web accelerator tool incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can make your website web pages stream a lot faster for your site visitors. All of the configurations are done by way of a convenient to use interface, without the need to produce any kind of immediate modifications to the program code of the site.

Varnish is definitely an HTTP accelerator that can help the webpages work better by saving them inside the server’s memory. That way, after a web page has been opened up by a website visitor in the past, it will not need to be brought from the hosting server anymore, which actually will reduce website speeds and accelerates your webpages. It’s been proved that Varnish typically enhances delivery times with a 300 – 1000x factor.

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For making quick and flexible web applications

Web developers can implement Node.js for generating all kinds of top–rated and cost–efficient solutions such as business measurement platforms, real time apps and content management systems, to name some. It’s really turbo fast and scalable and is also backed up by a proactive online community that is constantly progressing and sustaining it.

Node.js is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes the API adaptive and extensible. This particular innovative method enables designers to speedily put together top quality web apps using only one language.

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